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Weekly Specials

About Rapid Relays Wireless Technology

Rapid Relays is a family owned and operated business since 2012. We work with quality manufactures to bring you the latest in 12v wireless technology, home alarm systems, automation, surveillance and access control. If you are searching for the best company to buy from, here is a short list just to name a few. 

1. Price: Our company works with a very low profit margin in exchange for high volume sales. This promotes brand awareness and repeat customers. 

2. Knowledge: We know our chips! Buying wireless transmitters/receivers, surveillance and other home automation products is easy but the support and user manuals are not. We are a USA based company so we can provide support that is understood. 

3. Incentives: Customers that purchase our products on a regular basis receive discounts and special offers. Don't worry Rapid Relays also has deals for first time customers and average shoppers. 

4. Warranty: Our warranty is handled here in the USA not overseas. This means should any of our products fail within the warranty period, we can test and replace at our local office. Many wireless chip manufactures and alarm companies offer shipping from abroad but sending a package to them costs more than the product is worth.

5. Security: We are not just talking product but the way we handle transactions. Two main things you must always consider is ordering from the internet and the security of the site you are making your purchase with. We use Authorize.net as our payment gateway and Chase Bank as our processor. Both of these companies take extra measures by keeping your card information safe from internet hackers. Even we can't see your card number when an order is placed on our site. We also offer our customers a toll-free sales line so they can place an order by phone so no information is sent across the web.


We hope to earn your business and thank each of our customers for their support in helping Rapid Relays grow. We will continue to invest 15% of our profits to research & development. With hopes of one day becoming the largest supplier of home security in the United States.